Problems with Outlook 2013 and IMAP synchronization

As always coming straight to the point this is not a solution to the Outlook 2013 problem. But yes after reading this you may stop wasting your time in finding solutions to it.

So here it goes:

Outlook 2007 – Worked fine,

Outlook 2010 – Fabulous,

Outlook 2013 – Full of bugs

My system is configured as follows:

  • Hardware: Intel Core i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, 3.0GB Ram, Intel HD Graphics pre-installed
  • Software: Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
  • Internet: 2.0 Mbps (Download / Upload)

Before couple of days I installed Outlook 2013 and configured 2 email ids (yahoo & gmail). It was configured easily but then the real problem started. It took ages to get synchronized. I kept my laptop ON for more than 24 hours and still it was synchronizing.

Problems I faced with Outlook 2013

  • Synchronizing folders / Sync Issue (This computer only)
  • Send / Receive emails instantly
  • Non retrieval of emails
  • Search functionality hangs
Outlook 2013 Sync issue

Outlook 2013 Sync issue

I surfed on internet for hopeful solution and tried all of the follows:

  1. Deleted all my accounts and reconfigured them / recreated profiles
  2. Reinstalled Outlook 2013
  3. Configured email ids one by one
  4. Disabled antivirus and firewall
  5. Uninstalled Windows update (KB3097877)

If you have tried it all then sit back and relax because you have no solution now except using some other email client.

At last I came to the conclusion that the only solution to this problem is with Microsoft. Unless they release any updates this issue can not be solved.

I can not help you to find the solution to this problem but I can surely find you some good alternatives to Outlook 2013. You may use:

  1. Thunderbird
  2. Windows Live Mail
  3. Zimbra Desktop
  4. Claws Mail
  5. eM Client
  6. Pegasus Mail
  7. Mailbird
  8. Inky
  9. and off course Outlook 2007 or 2010
  1. At last I found a solution. Or say Microsoft found a solution.
    1. with the new Microsoft update Sync problem solved. Although due to high volume of emails (around 10,000) it took much time to synchronize. But it got solved.

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