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Salman Khan us known for his unique styles. Salman Khan is very particular when it comes to style statements. Salman Khan’s bracelet, his shirts, his body all have a different style statement. No wonder this unique style statement of his made Salman Khan the seventh handsome of the world in a very short span of time. Salman Khan’s styles in his films were so diverse and tested that most of them became an instantaneous hit. Salman Khan’s Tere Naam wig made his fans go all wild! Salman Khan has a style statement which everyone wants to copy. Even Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan did not match the style craze from their fans as was the case with Salman Khan’s fans in the earlier days.

Salman Khan had shown his ruling style statement with his bald looks for the Coca-Cola ad. Even with a bald head Salman Khan stirred the airs of Bollywood and got much hype from all his fans. Salman Khan is fond of torn jeans. Be it a t-shirt or a formal shirt Salman Khan looks best in both (and also without both) because of his excellent body-fittings. Salman Khan has always been coming up with new and unique styles and this is what makes the girls go crazy about him. Remember the long haired Salman Khan in Andaaz Apna Apna? The pony tail hairstyle in Yuvraj was also a unique style statement that we got to see from our macho man Salman Khan.

In recent films like Veer and Dabangg Salman Khan is coming up with a few more unique and different styles. In Dabangg Salman Khan has said a temporary good bye to his abs and has tried to show a “tummy topped up with a mustache style of an Indian police officer” to the audience. We saw a different Salman Khan in Kyun Ki. No wonder he acted so well but Salman Khan had to face a few controversies which never let his succeed. One such controversy also tried to defame Salman Khan’s blockbuster hit movie: Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?

One thing about Salman Khan which probably both his competitors could not digest was his stylish body. With a massive chest and well filled biceps Salman Khan is always fond of removing shirt and exposing his body in almost all his films. Even in crowded places Salman Khan was found pulling his shirt off and throwing it towards his die hard crazy fans. Though Salman Khan is always surounded with unique controversies his films are even today loved by one and all as the heroines are not much exposed in his films. Most of Salman Khan films are family entertainment films. There are already too many people doing extensive research on Salman Khan’s Dabangg movie review. This time Salman Khan will be found in a completely different avatar. There are too many comments saying that he will be a super-hit this time. We just need to wait and see how this new avatar of Salman Khan will stir the airs of Bollywood at the box-office!

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    • Grishma
    • April 17th, 2011

    ❤ Salman Khan ❤ ROCKS! 🙂

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